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Far Cry 4 Gold Edition v1.10 + All DLCs Multi 16 repack Mr DJ
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far cry gold edition repack Mr DJ
2016-01-28 15:05:39 GMT
rock840 Trusted

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LOSSLESS Repack by Mr DJ (Me)
Far Cry 4 Gold Edition + All DLCs Multi 16 repack Mr DJ

Repack features:

 Nothing cut/recoded ;
 Game Version : 1.10 ;
 Precracked - install and play ;
 Crack based on : 3DM/RELOADED ;
 Operating system: Win 7,Win 8,Win 8.1,Win 10 (64 bit only) ;
 Install time : 37 minutes ;
 Final Size: 30.3gb ;
 Voice Language: English ;
 Subtitles Language : English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian ;
 Xbox 360/One controller support: Yes ;

Included DLCs

• Overrun
• Season Pass
• Hurk Deluxe Pack
• Valley of the Yetis
• Escape From Durgesh Prison

Extreme Injector v.3.6.1 for 2/3-core CPUs added to "bin" folder - run it before running the game via  main EXE , if you play on Core2Duo/i3 or any other 2/3-cores PC , this is for the black screen that people faced upon launching the game ....

Modified unofficial RELOADED crack and ULC Unlocker added to 'Tablets' folder (available after installation). RLD crack wasn't properly tested , use it at your own discretion , default 3DM version provided works just fine and a Nfo is provided with the ULC unlocker for info ....

I didn't removed any Multiplayer files to avoid any weird glitches in Single Player campaign . So don't ask about any silly glitches occuring ingame like the rope bug . This doesn't mean multiplayer will run on this version ....

If u encounter any missingmissing pop up , its your antivirus blocking the crack , disable it before install , read the install instructions before asking anything ....


Open 'Far Cry 4 v1.10 + All DLCs repack Mr DJ.part1.exe' , wait for around 1 or 2 minutes for self extractor to open, specify the directory where u want to extract the setup folder, open the extracted folder.....
Extract it yourself by opening any other part using 'WinRAR', open the extracted folder....

DISABLE YOUR ANTIVIRUS BEFORE RUNNING 'Setup.exe' (IMPORTANT) to avoid any error message . (For avast users: Just Disable DeepScreen in antivirus settings)...

After running setup,, click on 'Configure',, specify the install directory,, click on next and next,, select the necessary software (Direct X and visual c++ [provided in Redist folder]),, again next,, finally on 'Install'...PLAY THE GAME FROM DESKTOP SHORTCUT using run as administrator.... 

Always open the game using 'Run as administrator' to avoid any savegame/crash issue, if it still crashes, lower the graphics settings and make sure u meet the system requirements along with updated graphic drivers for your graphics card ...

Check out my Official FB page:
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Thanks. No longer on KAT I see...Will you be uploading here then?
@-Virtus- : just a part timer now mate :) occasional uploads here and there
fast download speed, will post feedback once all installed
Should i stay or should i go now

Installed easy step instructions

intel I7 16gb ram SSD 500, GTX 770, works good on triple monitors

Only con is takes awhile to install but nice upload
Thanks rock840 :) !
The game works very well, the installation was straightforward and I haven't noticed any errors. Except Avast which gave me a hard time even though it was disable during the whole installation process, saying that "FarCry4.exe" contains a malware... It obviously doesn't and it's just because it's cracked. I trust the uploader, so thanks to you MR DJ! ;)
there`s missing a dll and even when I solved this problem it didn't worked
In the instructions, there was no mention of 'uplay' wanting access to the internet. I do not want uplay on my computer so i said NO to the dialog screen. Once the game installed, it would not load due to a uplay error. I need there to be a way to bypass uplay altogether; can you help me out? thanks
IDK; i tried reinstalling and this time, i did not get the prompt to sign up with Uplay...still, the game never loaded. Next, i tried copying the reloaded bin files into my bin folder but that did not work. Now what? I'm giving up
Never mind; avast had quarantined a dll bad.
map editor doesn't work. i don't know if i'm doing something wrong but it just takes me to steam when i try to create a map. everything else is perfect
I turned off my antivirus and installation still gets error on the beginning. Don't download, it doesn't work.
Use this at your own risk, it runs a process which uses up all your memory slowing the computer down while it installs, the process in task manager is called "Multi-gigbyte range LZ77 preprocessor" Now this may not be a suspicious program but considering how it slows the computer down using up the majority of memory available and the fact that the url has research in it does make it seem a bit sketchy.
Apparently my antivirus detected "uplay_r1_loader64.dll " as maleware.
everythings alright until "press any key" screen comes up and when i press something nothing happens. What should i do?
my pc got so slow while installing this. i checked on task manager and it takes 6gb of ram for installation.. if you wanna burn your ram dowload this..
I get a black screen at launch on a quad core i5 4460 and 1050 ti. Anyone else have this issue? I can't fix it
it doesn't keep saves, why..? how to fix it?
the game installs, but i cant get it to run. double clicking it, running as admin doesnt work. i dont even get to intro or anything. i disabled firewall and uninstalled every antivirus that i had and reinstalled the game, but nothing changed. Very dissappointing upload, especially since other uploads from mr dj were legit, this one is just useless crap.
Hey Guys
So I recently installed the noSteam version og Far Cry 4 but I cant comment on that torrent so Iwill do that here. The game works fine but my brother wants to play it aswell and I dont know how to male multiple save files on a noSteam torrent. Can somebody please help me out?
For the love of god I can't make it save my progress no matter what.
Tried running it as administrator and googled for a solution but nothing works. There are no saved files anywhere!
If it does not work just like for me, you can download it there
I love this game and have been playing it for the past 5 hours nonstop! :)